TRIS Math Meet 2013 – A Great Success!


On November 28, 2013, Trinity International School hosted its annual TRIS Math Meet. Inspired by the theme, “Collaboration, Cooperation, Community,” about 70 students from nine international schools participated. The sch

ools were The American School of Bangkok – Sukhumvit, Anglo Singapore International School, Wells International School, Berkeley International School, Keerapat International School, Singapore International School of Bangkok, Pan-Asia International School, Modern International School of Bangkok and Trinity International School.

This year’s TRIS Math Meet started in the morning with a non-competitive activity called the “Cooperative Event.”  This was an exceptional feature of the Math Meet where students from different schools and backgrounds worked together in groups.  Their goal was to create presentations based around designing a floor plan to a room in a dream house.  Students had to choose the décor and furnishings from a list and to calculate their expenses and stay within a budget.   This activity presented a realistic model for the way math is used in the real world where people must work together to solve problems that we share.  Teachers from other schools commented that the Cooperative Event was “interesting” and “lovely” and that the students enjoyed meeting each other and working together.

The Competitive Quiz Show started at around 12PM. There were three levels in this competition, Level 1 (Grades 4-6), Level 2 (Grades 7-9), and Level 3 (Grades 10-11). Students formed teams by school and by level, they worked together to solve the word problems and earned points by showing the correct answer. The teams with the lowest points after every few questions were eliminated; this continued until only one team was left. The last team standing was declared the 1st Place winner for that specific Level.

Thanks to the effort of several teachers and nearly 30 students, the TRIS Math Meet Competition 2013 was a great success. TRIS would like to thank everyone who helped make the event special, with special thanks to the Student Ambassadors who greeted our visitors and were on standby the entire competition ready to help and give assistance. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated.

The following is a list of credits:

Academic Staff

Mr. Vicente Retales Jr. – Admin & Logistics

Mr. David Arnold – Program Coordinator

Mr. Shobhit Pathak – Program Co-Organizer

Mr. Daniel Smith – Level 3 Judge & Contributor

Mr. Matt Wallace – Level 1 Judge

Ms. Nuvain Lina – Facilitator for Cooperative Event

Mr. Steven Ray – Contributor

Mr. Zach Sullivan – Recruiter



Kevin, Jerry, Sitora (G10) – Level 3 Team;

Luigi (G9), Vince (G8), Shormeli (G7) – Level 2 Team

Carl, Iris, Kim Tee (G6) – Level 1 Team



Sharmin (G11) – Assistant Coordinator & MC for Level 3;

Alex (G9) – MC for Level 2

Latisha (G9) – MC for Level 1


Student Ambassadors

G12 – Alexandra, Jenny;  G9 – Judy, Grant, Sanjay, Jong Yun, Rainier, Fian;

G10 – Toffer; G8 – Anastasia, Tasya; G7 – Rhine, Daniel, Kitty, Ellis.



Emi Ito & Yim (G12)


Pictures and student reporting of the event can be viewed at the TRIS Communication Arts page on Facebook:


To all the participating schools, thank you and Congratulations! See you again next year!



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