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Welcome to the first edition of the TRIS Bulletin, your number one source for Trinity’s News and Events.

The Bulletin will serve as a communication tool and will be used to disseminate information to the school community. This will serve to bond all members of the school community together into a family and keep the members informed of all planned events and activities.

I would like to invite students, teachers and parents to write an article to be published in this newsletter. Submitted articles will be reviewed by the Administrators before publishing. You can email your articles to frederick@trinity.ac.th . If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 02 661 3993 Ext. 139.

Thank you,

Frederick D. Raz


Please click the link below to download

TRIS Bulletin October Issue page 1

TRIS Bulletin October Issue  page 2


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31 May 2023

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