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How TRIS Online Learning Works:

For grades 1-5, the regular on-campus schedule will be followed excluding homeroom and D.E.A.R. times.  Additionally…

  1. To help reduce screen time for our youngest students, teachers may host live lessons during either the daily reading or English period rather than both. Teachers will contact parents and students about this.
  2. Mainstream elementary teachers will live host at least 1 social studies period per week as nominated and communicated to the students by the teacher.
  3. E.S.L. students and teachers will continue to meet according to the regular schedule for all classes without a reduction.

For grades 6-12, all students will follow their regular on-campus schedule, excluding homeroom and D.E.A.R. time.

For K1-3, students and parents will follow specific modified online learning schedules.  These will be emailed to parents by the homeroom teacher.

For all grade levels:

  1. Lesson plans and content are to be uploaded and made available to students via FACTS.
  2. Online live lessons are to be conducted via the application called Zoom. Lessons may run for the entire period, or for part of the period to allow for independent work to be completed during lesson time.  On some occasions for some subjects, a live lesson may not be required.  An independent activity may be assigned instead.
  3. Work is to be submitted to teachers using the method designated on FACTS by teachers. This may be directly to a teacher’s email address, via Class Dojo or other learning platform.
  4. Teachers may decide to use other platforms of assessment such as Edmodo, Google Classroom and Schoology.  Details of these platforms will be documented and communicated via FACTS.

Student and Parent Responsibilities/Expectations:

Students need a computer, laptop or tablet with internet access, a working camera and microphone and the latest Zoom application installed.  The device should be available for use in a quiet and appropriate space within their home in order to engage in live lessons and complete assigned work.

  1. Students must attend all scheduled online classes via Zoom. Students must turn on cameras without virtual backgrounds or animations. 
  2. Students must check and complete lesson instructions on FACTS Family Portal.
  3. Students must complete and submit all assigned work for all subjects by the deadlines set by teachers. The platform or method for submission will be detailed on FACTS by the teacher.
  4. Students and parents should contact teachers for help if unable to meet expectations or are needing extra assistance via email. Teachers will respond to emails sent between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm.  Emails sent outside these hours will be responded to the following school day.
  5. Students must be dressed in appropriate clothing and be well presented during Zoom classes and be in a seated position.
  6. Students must continue to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. This includes a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism and minimum attendance requirements. Students logging onto zoom sessions more than 5 minutes late will be considered tardy.
  7. Parents should check-in with child(ren) to ensure they are meeting the school’s expectations for attendance and work submission.
  8. Parents should provide assistance to child(ren) with use of technology and/or curricular content.
  9. Parents should respond to teacher/school requests and work with the school if child(ren) are not meeting expectations.
  10. Parents should assist child(ren) in meeting the school’s expectations.
  11. Parents should contact the school’s office for any planned absences via kanoknipa@trinity.ac.th

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