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Greetings from all of us at Trinity International School (TRIS), and welcome to our home page. Please consider yourself invited to visit us in person so that you can experience first-hand the vibrant, nurturing atmosphere on our campus.

A Kindergarten – Grade Twelve, Seventh Day Adventist school, TRIS enjoys a continuity of vision and program afforded by our shared values. At TRIS, our students learn the importance of empathy and compassion from a very early age, and in every interaction with each other and with our faculty and staff their commitment to living a scholarly, ethically sound existence is clear. At TRIS, we are committed to providing an exceptional education to students of varied abilities, heritage groups, belief systems, and economic backgrounds. Our intentional diversity enables our students to better understand how to function with dignity and understanding in an increasingly global environment as they move on to prestigious universities in Thailand and around the world.

Accredited by WASC, ONESQA, and the M.O.E., our American curriculum is based on California Common Core standards and the best practices of independent schools in America and those of International Schools around the world. Our diverse and talented faculty are experts in both their own content areas as well as in instructing learners for whom English is not their first language. TRIS instruction is student-centered, focusing on independent thought, creative process, and collaborative skill-building. In addition, as a school of roughly 450 students, TRIS is a place where we truly know each and every one of our children. We are thus confident that we are able to “meet our students where they are,” and in engaging them with their own learning. As a direct result, our students feel safe, appreciated, and they are always aware of their obligation to contribute to their community and to the world at large.

A website search isn’t sufficient to convey the feeling and tone of a learning space, so I hope that you are able to come to our campus to meet our students, faculty and staff. I look forward to meeting you at TRIS, where learning is enjoyable, learners are kind and confident, and where we intend to be the engineers of a better future.


Alexander Bruce