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Trinity International School (TRIS) is a student-centered Kindergarten through Grade 12 Christian institution dedicated to a holistic education in which children grow physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. At TRIS, serious academic study is combined with the development of personal values such as honesty, compassion, integrity, and respect, all while helping children to develop self-esteem and confidence.

TRIS students learn in a dynamic, stimulating environment where creativity and appropriate risk-taking are encouraged. At all times, mutual respect and compassion form the foundation of community interaction. TRIS students are known and valued as individuals and encouraged to develop their own specific talents with the benefit of the guidance of our caring, talented faculty.

At TRIS, we believe that learning is a collaborative enterprise including the student, parents, and the professional community of the School. Together we inspire an eagerness to learn, an willingness to work diligently, a respect for differences among our community members, and a desire to be active in the community. Our students represent a rich variety of ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds, and this intentional diversity affords everyone in the TRIS family with an appreciation for the increasingly global community in which we live.

The Mission of Trinity International School is to…

  • Provide a quality, affordable values oriented education in a multinational environment.
  • Nurture individual talents while also encouraging academic excellence through holistic learning.
  • Produce responsible, respectful, moral graduates who are active in both local and global communities.

Expected School-Wide Learning Outcomes (ESLOs)

A Trinity Student…

1.    Works hard and thinks critically
2.    Strives for the academic mastery of English
3.    Understands Adventist values while respecting all faiths
4.    Works cooperatively and is an honest and responsible community member
5.    Appreciates cultural diversity, treating others with respect, compassion and kindness

ESLOs are derived from our Mission, and they represent the overall goals and ethos of our school.  ESLOs are at the heart of every activity, goal, and strategic decision of the School.