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Welcome to Trinity International School

Greetings from Trinity International School (TRIS) where children learn about life in a caring Christian environment. Our Mission is to make learning fun and meaningful as we inspire your children to grow physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. This goal is achieved as we teach your children to respect all, to ask questions, to form opinions, to help others, to be kind and polite, and to be self-disciplined.

At TRIS, teachers and administrators are role models. We lead by example. Students learn good English skills and graceful social behavior as they come in to contact with teachers and elders. We have high expectations for ourselves and our students, and these expectations are made clear in the daily student-teacher interaction.

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Greetings, Trinity students and parents!
Please plan for our first Professional Day of the year on 16 September, 2016.  We will dismiss all students, Grades K - 12, at 12:00.  We will have lunch periods for all students prior to dismissal.
This early dismissal is related to our first faculty development day of the year.  We will have several of these during the course of the year to provide our teachers with state-of-the-art training on various teaching techniques, innovations in instruction, etc.  We are committed to improving the level of instruction and education in general at TRIS, and the only way to accomplish that is to provide dedicated, intensive training for our faculty.
We recognize that this early dismissal may cause some inconvenience for some families, but we feel that the benefit gained is worth the "cost" to our school in general.  Buses will run at 12:10, and we encourage all other families to pick up their children as close to 12:00 as possible.
In the event that you simply have no way to pick up your child at this earlier time, we will have staff on hand for supervision for those children who remain on campus.  We strongly recommend, however, that students go home for the day as soon as possible after 12:00.
Thank you for your support!