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Dear TRIS Community,

Exciting news, building works have begun!  What to expect over the next 1-2 weeks…

  1. Temporary fences will be placed around our Jungle Gym and Futsal Courts.
  2. The Guard House/School Entrance will be moved down to the end of the basketball court.
  3. The car park will remain where it is, however with a reduced capacity.  Parents are advised that parking space will be limited and to avoid driving if possible.
  4. We also remind you that the TRIS car park should only be used for temporary parking and not for long-term or commuting purposes.
  5. In the coming weeks, a far smaller temporary car park will be created in the current Jungle Gym area, at which point, parking on campus will become limited even further.

For more details, please click the attached document to open

Construction Update September 1, 2019

Construction Update September 20, 2019

Construction Update September 30, 2019

Construction Update October 20, 2019