School Purpose


The school would like to foster within each child an appreciation for Christian and universal values and a desire to develop oneself mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually and thus become a responsible citizen of the world.


To provide multinational value-oriented educational programs, nurturing the qualities of academic excellence and integrity, while preparing youth for joyful, independent and selfless service to God and society.

TRIS seeks to provide holistic education. Serious academic study is combined with the development of personal values such as honesty, love, industriousness, and respect for self and mankind at large.


To seek to offer holistic education.  Serious academic study is combined with development of personal values as honesty, love, integrity, and respect and building of student’s overall self-esteem and confidence.

Philosophy of Education

Trinity International School is dedicated to providing a supportive environment in which students of varying ethnic backgrounds can pursue a value-oriented education that focuses on academic excellence and moral integrity. TRIS seeks to provide a dynamic atmosphere where learning is stimulating and creativity is encouraged, as well as a secure haven where love and respect are the foundation of all interaction.

Because Trinity International School teachers view each child as a unique creation of God, students are recognized as individuals and are encouraged to develop their own specific talents. The faculty seeks to assist each student according to his/her own personal, academic and social needs.