Events and Activities   

           Special Activities

Along with a strong emphasis on academics and scholarship, TRIS includes informative and fun activities that enhance the student’s educational welfare and social development.  Christmas programs, End of the Year Show, afternoon of music etc., are a few such activities.  Some activities and events are grade-level specific, while others are school-wide.

           Field Trips

Time is set aside for each grade level to enjoy learning outside the classroom.  Field trips are organized in order to enrich the classroom experience.  Written permission is required for each field trip, and parents will be informed well in advance as to any field trips planned.

Students taking part on field trips are expected to follow the regular TRIS guidelines for behavior, and failure to follow these guidelines may result in a student being excluded from further field trip activities. It is the view of the school administration that such field trips are an extension of the classroom. Therefore, students are expected to follow the TRIS DRESS Code Article 3.33 of the Student/Parent Handbook while on the trip, unless permission to do otherwise is granted by the school administration. This requirement is two fold; it reminds, our students that the purpose of the trip is educational, and it allows our teacher representatives to easily locate our students in a crowd.

           Spiritual Emphasis Week

One week of daily chapel programs and other activities is scheduled each semester to provide emphasis to the spiritual philosophy of the school.

           Sports Day

TRIS organizes annual sports days for all grade levels held during the second quarter of the school year.  Physical education teachers organize the events, with refreshments sponsored by TRIS and Parent Council.

           End of Year Show

The End of the Year Show is produced by grade level or interest groups in order to showcase the talent of the TRIS student body. Parents and special guests are encouraged to attend.